Deep Wave
Deep Wave
Deep Wave $90.00$115.00

Mink "Deep" Wave is a  texture with amazing elasticity, that will last long and is tangle free. Though it is very resilient and will hold its beautiful, soft and original curls through any hairstyle, we recommend wearing it in its natural curly state. The hair can be straightened and will usually bounce back to its original curl pattern after washing and deep moisturizing.

This wave is one of our most versatile textures, but is NOT low maintenance. The hair WILL require a lot of attention, care, and frequent moisturizing in order to maintain its beautiful wavy appearance. To prevent Frizz, we recommend only combing the the hair with wide-tooth comb while it's wet.

This hair can be colored. We strongly suggest having a professional colorist color the hair to limit damage.

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Please allow and additional 3 to 5 days for processing of any lengths not in stock once your order is placed.

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